Real Island Roots comprises of a series of CDs sampling traditional music from The Island of Tasmania.

There have been 3 such recordings so far with others planned for future release.

Edie and Paddy Dawson -  Apple Shed Dance Days

Traditional Music from The Huon Valley

paddy edie dawson cdNestled in the hills behind North Franklin, in a house built by their father Thomas and brother George, live Edie and Paddy Dawson.

Learning to play button accordions, or windjammers, in the 1930s Edie and Paddy would sit on the wood heap on summer nights and pick up the tunes played by neighbours on Verandas across the Gully.

Their first teacher was their Father, Thomas, a respected musician who was much in demand for the weekly Apple Shed Dances.

They also learned tunes from their mother, from uncles, friends, nuns at the Catholic school and from the various local musicians who played the sets for the shed dances.



  1. Starry Night  For a Ramble, Old 78 Vinyl version,  Waltz
  2. Dad’s Hornpipe,   Hornpipe
  3. Before and After, Waltz
  4. One Hop Polka Set, Polkas
  5. Straying on The Moonlight, Waltz
  6. The Day They cut The Corn, March
  7. The On Board Waltz, Waltz
  8. The Cock Of The North, Jig
  9. Starry Night  For a Ramble 2, Waltz
  10. Kick The Cow,  Prince of Wales Schottische
  11. The Mountain River Schottische, Schottische or Quickstep
  12. Tops Mc Guire’s Barn Dance, Barn Dance
  13. Dad’s Waltz, Waltz
  14. Carry Me Back, Jig
  15. The Flakey Trot,  Polka
  16. The Mudgee Waltz, Waltz
  17. The Sword Dance,  Reel
  18. The Honest Irish Lad, March or Schottische

Edie and Paddy are true living treasures. In their memories are preserved hundreds of the elegant, lively and quirky tunes that comprise the tradition of apple shed dance-music. Still playing today at an advanced age Paddy and Edie bring this rich Heritage of Tasmanian dance music to life. This is real folk music played by real folk. Sit on your porch, listen to the tunes and enjoy the scenery.