The Alexander Laing Project

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Steve and Marjorie Gadd in collaboration with Tasmanian Historian Peter MacFie have published "On The Fiddle' The LIfe and Music of Tasmanian colonial fiddler Alexander Laing. Trained in the Scottish fiddle music of his era, in particular the music Of Neil and Nathaniel Gow Laing spent time in Ireland with the British army before committing a crime that led to his transportation to Van Diemen's Land.

Laing became a police constable in his new home colony and from 1812 to the late 1860s was a performer of fiddle music. His vast repertoire featured over 60 original compositions including, Jigs, Strathspeys, Hornpipes, marches, Reels and waltzes.

Many of these were dedicated to local personalities and their titles recall both the historical characters of early Tasmania  and trace with their dates, the movement of Laing from one township to another over his career as a constable.

Historian Peter MacFie unearthed a copy of Laing's lost manuscript which he had assembled prior to his death in the 1860s.

This is a very important book for historian and folk music enthusiasts. Dave O'Neil, the Director of the Australian National Folk Festival called it a book of monumental importance which marks the link between the early 19th century Scottish style of fiddling popular in the colonies and the later Australian bush style of fiddling.

Book now available, 49.00 plus 10.00 postage.

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Awakening Franklin

Music by Marjorie & Steve Gadd

Video by Mike Raine

This is an uplifting little portrayal of Franklin on an Autumn morning. Mike just took our music and in no time he had this film. If you had a rotten day and need something to bring back a sense of peace and contentment this could do it. The photography is beautiful.

Eureka Two

This is a new violin tutor Book which follows progressively from Marjorie's earllier book Eureka 1.

Marjorie and Steve Gadd have recorded a cd of these new tunes and studies.

Eureka 2 is meant to guide the violin student beyond the basics and to introduce new techniques leading the the student from the elementary phase of musicianship.

Lady Jane Franklin

A life in song and Narrative

Marjorie Gadd has been a long term member of the musical ensemble Silkweed.

Slikweed specialises in presenting themes and stories of historical and social significance using music and multi-media productions with visual and theatrical.

Their show, Maria Island of Dreams, received great public and critical acclaim for its informative moving tribute to Maria Island a beautiful Island off Tasmania's East Coast.

Marjorie and Silkweed are currnetly writing the script and music for a new show based on the life of Lady Franklin. Lady Franklin, was an extraordinary 19th century Lady. In her time in Van Dieman's Land/Tasmania as wife of the Governor Sir John Franklin, Lady Jane Franklin transformed the island, its culture and influenced the aspirations and the well being  of its population.

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Shake Sugaree


Shake Sugaree began over a decade ago, when Peter Hicks, vocals, guitars, Dobro, mandolin and blues harp and Steve Gadd, vocal guitars, banjo and ukulele, got together to play a unique local mixture of blues, ragtime, swing and bluegrass music. The original duo took roots music styles and added local and contemporary references and a lot of anarchic whimsy.

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